• Accomplishments
    • Developed numerous rotating combat scenarios for hub maps that evolved over the course of the game.
    • Designed and implemented a patrol system that coordinated multiple A.I. in a formation and interacted with world objects.
    • Created puzzles that educated and challenged players in the use of multiple gameplay mechanics.
    • Functioned successfully in a senior capacity in the absence of leads.
  • Primary Duties
    • Creating with id Tech 4 engine, heavily modified.
    • Combat and Event Scripting.
    • Level Layout and Design.
    • Assisting programming team with new systems and debugging.




While learning the area, we created a guide to help the player find his way.

A patrol searching the town.

A patrol moves though the town in formation.

A group of Nazis sit and talk while waiting for the player to happen by.

One of the many events on this bridge plays out waiting for the player to attack...

...and another event on the same bridge.

Combat in the early part of Caverns. Included a number of paths and triggers for different waves.

The hostage required working closely with the animators and the programmers to get him just right.

We had to make sure he hit his marks every time and looked at the player regardless of the player's actions.

A few scientists I added to the Caverns to give it a bit more life.

A final stand by the Nazis trying to keep you from reaching the crystal room.

A scripted event spawned Sniffers to keep the pressure on the player without overrunning him.

Nazis firing on the run while heading to cover.

A three way battle between the KC, the Nazis and an Altered trying to kill everyone.

Nazis try to stop you from going forward.

An Altered charges the player.







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