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The Son of Ithaca was a large six month project, a new game using Half-life 2.  This game is a third-person hack-and-slash style game.  The control system is similar to the combo system used in the Devil May Cry series. This was a team project at the Guildhall of SMU.

Taking place at the beginning of Homer's Odyssey, the player controls the son of Odysseus, Telemachus, as he battles the minions of Poseidon, Greek god of the sea.  Telemachus is attempting to leave his island home of Ithaca to go look for his father who has been missing for many years.  Poseidon however interferes by destroying any ship that Telemachus attempts to board.  However, with the help of a mysterious mentor, Telemachus battles his way to a secret cove to slip away unnoticed.

My task in this project was to create and script a final boss level where Telemachus and Poseidon clash in epic combat.  I also was tasked with working with the programmers given my personal programming experience, helping out in areas that overlap both the level designer's and programmer's specializations.  I also provided and maintained sandbox levels so the programmers could create and test the different custom functions for our game.

This Project was presented at the 2007 Austin Gamer Conference and at Cohort 6's exhibition on September 21 2007. 




---Son of Ithaca Level Design Document---

---Son of Ithaca Level Assist Document---



Poseidon lowers the water level to create a battle arena.

With the water lowered, old ruins that were below the sea are revealed.

More revealed ruins.

Walls of water bracket the area, preventing the hero from escaping.

A view of the level from a high point, the cliffs of Ithaca in the distance.

Poseidon prepares to charge down the player.

One of many areas of Level 3 that I did a scripting pass on for the bad guys.

Taking models made by other people, I figured out how to create breakable objects that drop items.

The breakable object in action.

The start of level one that I did a short script for the opening.

At the end of the script I made for level one, one of the bad guys kick in the door.  Made with a number of physics entities in half-life 2.



Level Design document and Level Assist document available in the Resume & Docs section.





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