Falcon 5:  


Falcon 5, was created in Quake 4's Radiant Engine for my forth term Directed Focus Study project.  I was given three months to create this level while also completing other school assignments, other levels, and having to learn Radiant for the first time, and all at the same time.  Along with creating the level, I also implemented custom particle effects, scripted sequences, and custom dialog.

The level takes place in the same universe as the main story line of Quake 4, and follows the fate of a transport, call sign Falcon 5, that was shot down in the Strogg Medical Center level.  The player assumes the role of the medic that had been on the transport, who awakens to find the fiery remains of his craft.  Collecting some gear, the medic begins to explore the Strogg Medical Center not only to find a way to safety, but to find the pilot who was missing from the crash site.  This level's story examines the apparent fact that the few females serving in the assault on Stroggos are all pilots or communication techs, and that the few females found by the Strogg are used to create a unit far stronger than the many male units, the Iron Maiden.




---Falcon 5 Level Design Document---



The Crashed Flyer model reused for level.

Main filtration center

A scripted sequence releases waves of enemies.

Scripted Sequence continues to release more and harder enemies.

As its suppose to be in the medical center, I reused a number of textures and items from that level, but gave it a bit of its own personality.

A Clean-room's High pressure water sprayers come on.

After being power washed, the player is dried by blowers.

A Strogg Control room.



This level showcases two things I love to do in a level.  The first is to tell a story in which the player is involved.  As the player progresses though the level, the player's character thinks aloud.  That and messages on the P.A. forward the plot of the medic's search for his pilot.  The other is the use of scripted events.  I have a number of scripted events that are triggered by the player's movement and accomplishments.  One example is the clean room.  Once in this small room, the player is subjected to a high powered cleaning system, complete with pressure sprayers and dryers that are so hot that they displace the air around them with heat blooms.





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