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Ryan Galbraith is a Level Designer with over four years experience and is passionate about telling stories where the player interacts with the tale as it unfolds instead of simply witnessing it.

He got his first taste of video games back in the heyday of Atari when his parents wisely bought a 2600.  His earliest memories have been driving tanks and airplanes around in Combat with his father or dodging the “Swirl” in Yars’ Revenge. Later, thanks to The Legend of Zelda, he would join Nintendo’s side in the console wars that would engulf many school playgrounds and lunchrooms.  Currently he is mourning Master of Orion II, which due to updates to directX, will no longer play properly on his WinXP box.  Also he’s fighting a bizarre and powerful curse that seems to be keeping him from finishing System Shock 2 before it too is rendered unplayable on modern systems.  However, he has both Dragon Age and Sins of a Solar Empire to help fill the spots left in their passing (or until he makes a Win95 partition to resurrect them).

Ryan, also known as “Galby” by many of his friends and co-workers, got his start making games instead of just playing them while attending Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo designing campaigns for his fellow members of the Western Michigan Gamers Guild.  He ran multiple long running and popular campaigns using both White-Wolf’s Exalted and in Wizard’s of the Coast’s Dungeon and Dragons.  One of the reasons players kept coming back week after week was because he made sure that the back-stories created by the players for their characters where not only on going and constant plot points, but pivotal to world instead of being secondary.

Upon completing his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: Theory and Analysis, an accredited degree by the Computing Sciences Accreditation Board, Ryan decided that while he enjoyed coding, he wouldn’t find any real love for making spreadsheets or internet protocols.  He wanted to work on something he too would enjoy using after it was created; He wanted to work on games.  So hearing about their 95% placement into the industry, he traveled across the country leaving all he knew behind to go to The Guildhall of Southern Methodist University. There he would complete a number of team and solo project, learning a trade he would come to love.  He also worked as an intern for a short while for Walker Boys Studio.

After completing his Certificate of Digital Game Development, Ryan went to work for Raven Software where he worked on both id’s sequel to a classic, Wolfenstein, and the prototype for Singularity, an original IP by Raven and Activision.  He then went on to work on Marvel's Thor for Liquid Entertainment under a contract that the company extended more than five times. Currently he works for The Workshop on Sony's upcoming move title Sorcery.

Along with video games Ryan enjoys fantasy and sci-fi shows and books.  He enjoys comic books, but most hard core DC and Marvel fans would call him a heathen for all the independent titles he is currently following.  Only recently, he has discovered the joy that is Doctor Who.






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