Borderlands 2: Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage  



  • Accomplishments
    • Helped create repeatable mission functionality with only very minor code changes with team programmer.
    • Created and cared for all DLC missions.
      • Worked with Lead and Storywriter to create initial designs.
    • For having to crunch most of the project and for continuous timely and solid work, Workshop leads and producers wanted to reward me with an in game object to be named after me.
      • Was removed due to cut content and BL2 policy of not naming titles or objects after team members.
  • Primary Duties
    • Learn Gearbox's proprietary scripting system.
    • Work with Lead Designer and Borderlands 2 Story writer to develop mission ideas.
    • Create, script out, and maintain all DLC missions.
    • Create new NPCs and behaviors to prove out gameplay.
    • Work with AI designer to create final versions of new NPCs.
    • Team up with programmer to create and add to Boarderlands 2 repeatable mission functionality.
    • Help artists to create new interactable objects by creating new functionality.
    • Work with Sound department to deploy story driven VO.
    • Help animation to prove out early NPC introductions.
    • Create mission based travel station logic with programmer.



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